Zapojením do Buddy Programu máš příležitost získat přátele z celého světa a konverzovat v cizích jazycích. Zahraniční studenti již brzy začnou přijíždět do Prahy a těší se na vás!
Dej svým studiím nový rozměr a získej cenné zkušnosti v mezinárodní dobrovolnické organizaci působící na UK - IC CUNI!
Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is organising the Social Inclusion Days initiative and we are not standing behind.
We were afraid of this... And it happened. We ran out of ESNcards! Until this problem is solved, the office will be closed.
Every year people from all across the Czech Republic unite to collect food for people in need. This year, you can help with us!
After a couple of changes, we introduce the office hours for November! Please only come during these hours since no-one is going to be in the office otherwise.
As your arrival and the Orientation Week approach, many of you have lots of questions. Let us address the most common ones!
Many international students consider the Orientation Week the best time of the semester. Everyone is still getting to know each other, everyone is confused, but delighted to finally be in Prague. Make sure not to miss it!
The long awaited partnership between Ryanair and ESNcard has officially launched today - and it is here to stay!
Your exchange in Prague is getting closer and you'd appreciate a local's support? Our Czech volunteers will help you with your first steps in the new environment!